* ADA Compliant Public Accommodation Facilities Sign.
* Great for Restaurants and any businesses.
* Made of strong Plastic 1/8" thick.
* Includes tactile characters & grade II braille.
* Meets size ( 6" x 9" ) specifications with corner rounds.
* Meets placement specifications.
* May be purchased with FRAME screws or without.
ADA Frame Screws
(4 pack)
MEN & Wheelchair Sign with FRAME $8.25ea
(screws sold separately)
 MEN & Wheelchair ADA Sign
(frame and screws sold separately)
MEN & Wheelchair ADA Sign - Blue with braille
  1/8" thick plastic, rounded corners, raised white text / graphics
Includes tactile characters & grade II braille
Meet placement code specifications
Purchased as is or with black wall mount frame
All signs are (6"x9"), except EXIT sign (6"x6")
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